Oh, and, Owen, you should efinitely call that brunette in a couple of days and tell her that you're going to Cincy to visit a friend for a couple of days. Of course you aren't, but the "couple" of days line leaves room in case she has other plans on the day you'd suggest if you would say "Im coming on friday, etc." Tell her that you''d like it if she could show you a few bars to go to, and boom, you bridge the time bridge without seeming needy. You were just a guy coming to visit a friend who wanted someone to show you where the bars are since you're just visiting.

By the way, I know for a fact that you can fuck that brunette when you see her again. I got her life story, and she's really submissive, dropped out of college, lives with her mom, and will laugh at everything that comes out of your mouth. She's looking for a man to take care of her and dominate her. Go down there, and do your thing, man. If we had met those girls an hour earlier, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have came home with us. And they both would have got boned, especially the brunette.

Wait, not end of FR. I texted G back when I got home, telling her that I'm no longer downtown, but we can still hang out if she wants. She replies with "Do you wanna fuck 2night?" She has no transportation, and I had no cash until Monday to get a cab (I didnt tell her that). I simply told her that I'd come see her on Monday or Tuesday and she agreed. The real end of FR.

By the way, I met her about three weeks ago when I sarged that six set of eastern european girls. She's been texting me to come see her, but I kept putting her off. I guess she just decided to get really direct with me, because by putting her off, I made her even more attracted to me and anticipate seeing me. I'm not telling you guys to completely ignore girls, because she'll just lose interest and move onto the next guy. I'm telling you to relay that you do have a life, and show her that you are still interested in her by checking in on her every now and then (once-twice per week) via phone call or text.

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