Submitted by Louise C on Sat, 21/08/2004 - 03:41. Login or register to post comments P.S. As for your Smith and Weston comment, I'm ENGLISH, ducky, we're not allowed to carry guns in this country, only criminals have guns over here, or haven't you heard?

Submitted by Louise C on Sat, 21/08/2004 - 03:54. Login or register to post comments P.P.S. And another thing. You say it's entirely a woman's call if she chooses to take a submissive role in her relationship, but surely even you are not so far gone in smugness that you're not aware that in much of the world (the real world, that is not the fantasy land you inhabit) a woman does not have a choice about whether to have a submissive relationship or not, it is a legal and social requirement.

Submitted by Louise C on Sat, 21/08/2004 - 04:54. Login or register to post comments On pregnancy and equality Steve wrote: And the whole pregnancy stuff really bugs me. My wife once said to me, "without women, civilization would end because there would be no more babies born." My response was that without men (and sperm) there would be no more conceptions and no more babies. So how's that for equality - 1 sperm (from man) plus 1 egg (from woman) equals life. Doesn't get much more equal than that.

Yes, both sexes are needed to create a baby. But given your eagerness to point out that in the modern, Western world things like sheer brute strength have little role to play, I'm surprised you didn't mention that after the man has squirted his seed there is nothing else for him to do. No sabre-tooth Tiggers rampaging through the local park to fight off, no woolly mammoths to club and drag back for dinner. Both sexes may be needed, but the woman has the whole nine month pregnancy thing, and then usually ends up taking on most of the childcare.

And the risk to him in the whole process is fairly minimal (unless the woman decides to murder him for putting her through it, of course...). Even today, in Western countries, in modern, well-equipped hospitals, there is a risk of death associated with childbirth - less` than if that medical attention wasn't there, but a risk none-the-less.

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